Virikenden's First Age

Odd Rocks

Having just arrived in the town of Seufzer Divver, the party, now consisting of Slappy, Happy, Snappy, and Korrin, checked in to one of the local taverns. They followed up by drinking a great deal, draining their money reserves but earning them a task set by the barmaid.

The barmaid let the party know that there is a group of beggars at the edge of the Commons Quarter, and that they could be rewarded for scaring them off. They readily accepted. Once arriving at the place of the beggars, they were approached by a cloaked and hooded man who seemed to teleport and walk in shadows. They talked for a moment, he seemed to befriend the party, although he did not seem to trust them.

Soon after, the beggars reported to the man that one of their number, Content Not Found: shildnel, has been taken by unknown attackers. The man convinced the party to chase down the assailants, and they continued down the leftmost alleyway. They met two obstacles, by dealt with them magically and moved on.

The party soon caught up with the attacking group, which was now spread out for defense and withdrawal North. The party took advantage of the surprise they gained by going the quicker rout, and killed one of the two soldiers on guard. Many of them also rolled high initiative, and made quick work of the second, as well. They followed by rounding the corner and coming on a ghoulish assassin, four spidery minions, and a swarm of rot grubs. They killed these, as well, although they took some damage. The only acception to the fatalities of the monstrous group was the ghoulish assassin, who was merely knocked unconscious to be questioned later.

After having rescued Shildnel, the party healed him a bit and talked to him, and heard his Content Not Found: shildnel. Afterward, he offered them the red stone of which he spoke, and they accepted, although not without some uneasy murmurs.



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