Little-Known Figures

Little-Known Figures

This is a collection of knowledge of these little-known figures. What defines these figures is absence from any known texts, and what is recorded here is probably acquired through retellings. What is superstition and what is fact, though, not even we know.

  • Richard the Conqueror

  • Absent from any of the books written since the start of this age, Richard the Conqueror was supposedly a people’s figure who brought back order after the Great Ruin. According to legend, he was born around 14 B.R. and lived to 20 A.R. It it not entirely decided how he survived the Great Ruin, but most say he hid in the Northern Forest until the wars were over. Then, he emerged and rallied an army, then created what is now the Northern Kingdom. Of course, the boundaries were already well defined from the time Before Ruin, but he remade the Kingdom. He is supposedly the father or uncle of the current king of the Northern Kingdom, King Richard.

  • Lady Sabros

  • Lady Sabros is a little known figure, even less so than her relation, King Sabros. She is rumored to have never been seen by normal folk, and is supposed to live in a castle, by herself, in hidden location near the Godrend. It is undecided among culture whether or not she is alive, and whether or not her soul is still there. Also among culture, the detail of whether or not she has ghoulish servants at her disposal is also debated.

    The rumor of Lady Sabros began when King Sabros began to take mysterious trips to the Northeast (beginning from his castle) with a few servants. He always came back slightly madder, but refreshed, and without a trace of his servants.

    Little-Known Figures

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