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House Rules

This is a page devoted to the recording of the house rules involved in Virikenden’s First Age. Of course, these will also apply to any other D&D games (and others in which the application of such rules apply) that go on at our table – not just this campaign.

List of House Rules

1. Presence

If you wish to use these rules within your game, you certainly can. Just send me (SashatheDM) a message or leave a comment and I’ll send you the code for the rule(s) that you want. You don’t even need to credit me.

(1.) Presence

If a player is away when their character is expected to take an action, the character reacts following this set of rules.
- In combat – The character uses its Standard action for Total Defense. If it does not have a Standard action, it does nothing.
- In roleplay – The character takes no turn at roleplay, and does, in no way, interact with the described environment. It is assumed to be focusing on a minor, undescribed detail of the environment, in conversation with a nearby, also inactive character, or (if applicable) making faces at a nearby child.
- In a skill challenge – The character takes no action in the skill challenge, and contributes to neither success nor failure.
- When their skill is required – This is a flexible situation. If they are the best in the party at a task that is at hand (like unlocking a door,) then they are assumed to be Taking 10, with some modifiers.
– - In combat: – 5
– - Pressure: – 3
– - No pressure: -1

House Rules

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