Grin'nash Demon Assassin

Grin’nash Demon Assassin Level 5 Elite Lurker
Huge magical beast (Demon) XP 360
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +11; darkvision
HP 136; Bloodied 68
AC 19; Fortitude 17, Reflex 21, Will 16
Saving Throws +2
Immune Poison;
Resists 5 Cold;
Vulnerable 8 Thunder
Speed 8
Brutal Shakeoff
As a free action, this creature can take it’s level in damage to remove any one single status effect.
When the Grin’nash Demon Assassin provokes an opportunity attack, the attack is taken at a -2 penalty. If the attack hits, however, the Grin’nash Demon Assassin suffers an additional 6 damage.
When the Grin’nash Demon Assassin is hidden, it takes no penalty to Stealth when moving.
Standard Actions
[Basic Melee] Inject ? At-Will, Martial, Poison
Reach 1; one creature; 8 vs. Reflex; 1d103 damage, and 5 ongoing Poison damage (save ends.)
Many Minds ? At-Will, Martial
Reach 1; one creature; 9 vs. AC; 1d87 damage. If the first attack hits, make a secondary attack against a different adjacent target. Secondary attack: 1: one creature; 7 vs. Reflex; 1d107 damage.
Curse ? At-Will, Arcane
Range 5, one enemy; (This power can only be used while not bloodied, and a single creature can not be targeted by this power twice in a turn.) Roll a d20. Both the target and the user take that amount in damage. If that amount would reduce the Grin’nash Demon Assassin to bloodied or lower, it takes that damage, but has no effect on the target.
Chaos Storm ? Encounter, Martial
Close Burst 5; all creatures in the Burst; +8 vs. Will; If this attack hits, then the target must make a Hard DC (17) Athletics check. If the target fails, it suffers 1d8 damage, takes ongoing 8 Psychic damage (save ends,) and is teleported to a location in the aura chosen by the DM.
Distraction (recharge 5, 6) ? Distract
Close Burst 10; all creatures in the Burst; all enemies in the burst are blinded and deafened until this power ends. Another Grin’nash Demon Assassin within the Burst may make an attempt to hide as a Standard Action. Immediately after this check is made, all enemies have the effects placed on them by this effect removed.
Minor Actions
Coordinate (recharge 4,5,6) ? Movement, Telepathy
Range 6, Target: one other Grin’nash Demon Assassin; The target may immediately spend a move action and shift half its speed.
Coil (recharge 5,6) ? Defence
Personal; The Grin’nash Demon Assassin curls into a coil until the end of its turn. When coiled, the Grin’nash Demon Assassin may only make Basic Melee attacks, and can not move or be forced to move. In addition, any melee attack taken against the Grin’nash Demon Assassin provokes an opportunity attack. The Grin’nash Demon Assassin may sustain this power once per turn as a move action.
Triggered Actions
Void ? Encounter, Teleport
Aura 8; If another Grin’nash Demon Assassin is reduced to 0 hitpoints within the aura, this creature may teleport to the triggering creature’s space as a free action, and make a basic melee attack against a single creature adjacent to it after the teleport.
Evil Telepathic 5, Abyssal
Skills Stealth +8, Endurance +7
Str 23 (+8) Dex 19 (+6) Wis 13 (+2)
Con 18 (+6) Int 15 (+4) Cha 9 (+0)
Equipment Grin’nash Amulet*, odd dust

* A note about equipment.

The Grin’nash Amulet and odd dust are items that are not listed in any book. They are described and valued as follows.

The Grin’nash Amulet

  • With an Arcana DC 20 or Religion DC 16, the players can learn the following:

    • The Amulets are worn only by Grin’nash Clan demons. This one is an exquisite example, clearly crafted by the best demonic crafstman, and only to be worn by assassins.

    • When examined during a short rest, they are guessed to be worth 170gp each, although the price can vary up or down up to 30%.

The odd dust

  • The odd dust is a fine, silvery substance that has some faint, magical signatures coming from it. Although it should, by all rights, be blown away by the currents from your breath, it remains rooted to the palms of your hands, nearly as if it wants to merge itself with you.

  • With an Arcana DC 18, the players can learn the following:

    • The odd liquid is, in fact, Residuum. There is about, when both magically weighed, 1 2212th of a pound (when the two piles of the substance are combined.) This is quickly placed into a glass vial, considering how valuable that is.

      • With a second Arcana DC of 22, the players can learn the following:

        • The Residuum is valued at 500,000gp per pound. As the total amount here is 1 2212th of a pound, the total value is approximately 226gp.

      Although these are odd items, they should provide a nice twist in loot for the players.

Grin’nash Mindless Level 5 Minion
Small magical beast (Demon) XP 30
Initiative +3 Senses Perception +4; low-light vision
HP 1, see minion damage
AC 20; Fortitude 17, Reflex 18, Will 15
Immune Cold;
Speed 7
Chain Reaction
When a Grin’nash Assassin is reduced to 0 health by Thunder damage, the Grin’nash Assassin dies immediately, and makes the following attack:
Burst 2; automatic hit; 6 Thunder damage.
A Grin’nash Mindless can shift two squares as a move action, rather than only one.
When a Grin’nash Mindless moves to a square adjacent to an enemy, it provokes an opportunity attack from that enemy. This has no effect on forms of movement that do not normally provoke an opportunity attack in normal circumstances.
Standard Actions
[Basic Melee] Bite ? At-Will
Reach 1; one creature; +8 vs. Reflex; 7 damage.
Evil Telepathic 1, Abyssal
Skills Stealth +2, Endurance +6
Str 14 (+2) Dex 16 (+3) Wis 11 (+1)
Con 4 (-3) Int 2 (-4) Cha 0 (-5)
Equipment none

Grin'nash Demon Assassin

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