Virikenden's First Age

Iron Bars and Wooden Passageways

The players have found themselves, after exiting the dream realm, bound in shackles. They also find themselves confined within a cage of iron bars, with no doors. Happy escapes from the shackles, and frees the others, as well. They are unable to locate an exit to the cage, but are met with the expressionless face of Ketchov, who appears from a nearby tree. Deadly impracations, or extremely good luck?

Story So Far
"We mustn't linger. The trees have eyes, the walls have ears."

This is the story so far (Eckzahn Statd.)

  • The Adventurers met with Dalay.
  • The Adventurers were offered ale in the local pub.
  • The Adventurers spent the night and attended Verim’s funeral
  • The Adventurers chased a shady character out of the funeral.
  • The Adventurers attended Falesh’s performance, which turned out to be witchcraft.
  • The Adventurers followed Ketchov into the forest and set up a camp.
  • The Adventurers discovered a piece of land enchanted with the magic of the Fey.
  • The Adventurers discovered the treasure of the Compass Amulets.
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