Xannerios Dewshining

"I have no intention of becoming a pawn and no intention of losing. Leave that to the fools."


“You have a will. Use it! See that I do not break it!”

I see that you have taken an interest in me. Let me describe myself. As you can tell, I am an Eladrin from the Southwest Cape. I hope that you don’t think me as weak as my counterparts from the same region. I will easily prove you wrong if you do. Also, you may have taken an interest in the courage of wielding the book of Ioun and the cloak of the Raven Queen. My lady Gods appreciate logic, as I’m sure the cold, hard, fact of Winter has taught you. Does it not make sense to receive the benefits of Ioun’s knowledge and The Queen’s judgement? See, they think the same way I do; for success and not for protocol.

Now that you see my appearance, you must see my true existence. Of course, I cannot truly reveal this to you, but your curiosity may have been sparked by my bravery of dual blessing. Philosophy is the logical truth in this otherwise truthless world. Trust, my watcher, is more precious than gold and jewels. Spend it with more care than you would your life. There are other great truths, but this is the most beneficial.

Your will is your most powerful weapon, and without it you would be nothing – a minion for me to control and sacrifice as I would a pawn. Will is a double edged blade, though, like this blade that I wear at my waist. With a strong will and a mind to uphold it, you hold a more powerful weapon that few of your enemies could hope to possess. With a weak will, though, you will cut yourself.

Let us compare this world to Chess for a moment. Although it is not all a battle, your most powerful piece is the queen, who is your will. The other pieces, knight, rook, bishop, pawn, are all tools that allow you to enforce your will. Without your queen, your will, your offense and defense simply crumble.

It is the overeager man who simply jumps into combat. It is the fool that is not prepared.

Xannerios Dewshining

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