Virikenden's First Age

Story So Far

"We mustn't linger. The trees have eyes, the walls have ears."

This is the story so far (Eckzahn Statd.)

  • The Adventurers met with Dalay.
  • The Adventurers were offered ale in the local pub.
  • The Adventurers spent the night and attended Verim’s funeral
  • The Adventurers chased a shady character out of the funeral.
  • The Adventurers attended Falesh’s performance, which turned out to be witchcraft.
  • The Adventurers followed Ketchov into the forest and set up a camp.
  • The Adventurers discovered a piece of land enchanted with the magic of the Fey.
  • The Adventurers discovered the treasure of the Compass Amulets.



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