Virikenden's First Age

Edition 0

The Pioneer Copy

Shaler Spiel

Edition #0

Somewhere outside of Sarein – A wandering and apparently drunk figure was located in the forest east of Sarein. When interviewed, he had this to say, “Can’t you people find someone important to interview? I’m burning and my home is quite hung over. Wait… was that..?” After some time, he finally got around to saying that his home town was being raided, and that he was entirely drunk. The last part was inferred from the way that he swung at our interviewer.

Wowover, Sarein – There are no reports of major theft. Petty crimes, though, such as purse cuttings, food theft, and flourish wounds, are on the rise. The taller majority of Wowover blames the few Halfling groups in the area. The Dwarven minority would like to note here that they take offense in being excluded from the survey.

Immerschlagen, Sarein – A high ranking woman from the Church of Sehanine plans to display her large collection of holy artwork and relics in a week’s time. The viewing ceremony will take place for a duration of three days at her mansion on the edge of Immerschlagen, and she reportedly hopes that some of her old time friends will attend.

“Shadowy Figure, you’ve talked many times of your battles, but you’ve never said anything about what kind of fighting you specialize in. Could you clarify that for your readers?” – Anonymous

Ah, yes. My many successful battles are quite a popular topic of discussion. I draw my power from those arcane secrets that are so illusive to the unprepared mind. The style of fighting is not so important, though, as the will of the fighter. I could crush my foes just as well with a bow, should I carry one. It is the will of the enemy that you must crush before you puncture their heart. – The Shadowy Figure



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