Virikenden's First Age

Odd Rocks

Having just arrived in the town of Seufzer Divver, the party, now consisting of Slappy, Happy, Snappy, and Korrin, checked in to one of the local taverns. They followed up by drinking a great deal, draining their money reserves but earning them a task set by the barmaid.

The barmaid let the party know that there is a group of beggars at the edge of the Commons Quarter, and that they could be rewarded for scaring them off. They readily accepted. Once arriving at the place of the beggars, they were approached by a cloaked and hooded man who seemed to teleport and walk in shadows. They talked for a moment, he seemed to befriend the party, although he did not seem to trust them.

Soon after, the beggars reported to the man that one of their number, Content Not Found: shildnel, has been taken by unknown attackers. The man convinced the party to chase down the assailants, and they continued down the leftmost alleyway. They met two obstacles, by dealt with them magically and moved on.

The party soon caught up with the attacking group, which was now spread out for defense and withdrawal North. The party took advantage of the surprise they gained by going the quicker rout, and killed one of the two soldiers on guard. Many of them also rolled high initiative, and made quick work of the second, as well. They followed by rounding the corner and coming on a ghoulish assassin, four spidery minions, and a swarm of rot grubs. They killed these, as well, although they took some damage. The only acception to the fatalities of the monstrous group was the ghoulish assassin, who was merely knocked unconscious to be questioned later.

After having rescued Shildnel, the party healed him a bit and talked to him, and heard his Content Not Found: shildnel. Afterward, he offered them the red stone of which he spoke, and they accepted, although not without some uneasy murmurs.

Edition 0
The Pioneer Copy

Shaler Spiel

Edition #0

Somewhere outside of Sarein – A wandering and apparently drunk figure was located in the forest east of Sarein. When interviewed, he had this to say, “Can’t you people find someone important to interview? I’m burning and my home is quite hung over. Wait… was that..?” After some time, he finally got around to saying that his home town was being raided, and that he was entirely drunk. The last part was inferred from the way that he swung at our interviewer.

Wowover, Sarein – There are no reports of major theft. Petty crimes, though, such as purse cuttings, food theft, and flourish wounds, are on the rise. The taller majority of Wowover blames the few Halfling groups in the area. The Dwarven minority would like to note here that they take offense in being excluded from the survey.

Immerschlagen, Sarein – A high ranking woman from the Church of Sehanine plans to display her large collection of holy artwork and relics in a week’s time. The viewing ceremony will take place for a duration of three days at her mansion on the edge of Immerschlagen, and she reportedly hopes that some of her old time friends will attend.

“Shadowy Figure, you’ve talked many times of your battles, but you’ve never said anything about what kind of fighting you specialize in. Could you clarify that for your readers?” – Anonymous

Ah, yes. My many successful battles are quite a popular topic of discussion. I draw my power from those arcane secrets that are so illusive to the unprepared mind. The style of fighting is not so important, though, as the will of the fighter. I could crush my foes just as well with a bow, should I carry one. It is the will of the enemy that you must crush before you puncture their heart. – The Shadowy Figure

Iron Bars and Wooden Passageways

The players have found themselves, after exiting the dream realm, bound in shackles. They also find themselves confined within a cage of iron bars, with no doors. Happy escapes from the shackles, and frees the others, as well. They are unable to locate an exit to the cage, but are met with the expressionless face of Ketchov, who appears from a nearby tree. Deadly impracations, or extremely good luck?

Story So Far
"We mustn't linger. The trees have eyes, the walls have ears."

This is the story so far (Eckzahn Statd.)

  • The Adventurers met with Dalay.
  • The Adventurers were offered ale in the local pub.
  • The Adventurers spent the night and attended Verim’s funeral
  • The Adventurers chased a shady character out of the funeral.
  • The Adventurers attended Falesh’s performance, which turned out to be witchcraft.
  • The Adventurers followed Ketchov into the forest and set up a camp.
  • The Adventurers discovered a piece of land enchanted with the magic of the Fey.
  • The Adventurers discovered the treasure of the Compass Amulets.
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