The First Age


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“Trust is more precious than gold. Spend it as you would spend your life.”

The time is A.R. 57. In the continent of Virikenden, trouble is constant, and heroes are in short supply. With dangers to the east and an unnamed evil to the west, adventuring is a dangerous job, as is any life within this troubled world. A sinister presence lies within the south woods, but the best adventurers are made in the most sinister places.

The gods in this plane are not the normal sort of god, but instead mere powerful beings. They are not omniscient nor all powerful. They are rather like mortals, but ethereal and undying. The whole of the gods, known and unknown, makes up the single pantheon of this plane. All of the gods in the Pantheon have no real obligation to follow their alignment other than personal interest, and no real reason to reward their followers than to advance their own power over the plane.

The gods of the Pantheon have been known to walk among mortals, often disguised with things of their personal interest, such as art or swordsmanship. No one knows where the gods originated, nor what exactly they are. Some speculate that they are mortals maddened and empowered by the ethereal plane’s forces on this one. Others say that they are beings from the Far Realm.

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